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Images From: Cheryl Trapp Boyd
28 images with "leaf" tag

4220256q.jpg Cheryl's photo-of-the-day for Thursday, April 22, 2004. This image was made (photographed & edited) by Cheryl Trapp Boyd, and is the exclusive property of Cheryl Trapp Boyd. 2004 This image was made with an Olympus C series digital camera.
Images From: Betty Smith
2 images with "leaf" tag

Hawaii, Oahu, Mokulua Islands, Golden sunrise at Lanikai beach, palm branch
Images From: Kelly Davis
2 images with "leaf" tag

Autumn leave on fallen log
Images From: raymond rooney
2 images with "leaf" tag

Dragonfly resting on a branch
Images From: Solikhin Solikhin
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Images From: Wendy L Wood
1 images with "leaf" tag

"Queen Caladium"
Images From: Rick Dimsey
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Images From: Michael Klenetsky
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Flower Closeup
Images From: SteveT
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Colbeck, Leaf, Seghill, Holy Trinity, Northumberland, UK, 4/2005 In loving memory of Agnes Ann beloved wife of George Colbeck died January 5th 1933 aged 6 years Also their sons George Alderson died January 24th 1927 aged 28 years Edward Leaf died June 21st 1927 aged 20 years
Images From: Wiyoto Imron Sadjali
1 images with "leaf" tag

Bird Painting.jpg
Hand Painting Art - Bird Painting. This photo illustrates an art of hand painting using a pencil, with a natural pencil color look. This hand drawing can be printed directly to its original color. For your kids who hobby coloring the image, it fits perfectly with this picture. With a little color combinations in accordance with the wishes, this image will look more alive and beautiful. Recommendations for providing color combinations: 1. A picture of a bird 2. Twigs and leaves Hopefully this picture brings inspiration to those of you who love the art of hand painting. And hopefully useful. Thanks.